A diverse range of expertise

Henley Space has a range of experience across the residential and alternative asset markets.

Our expertise covers a diverse mix of areas and sectors enabling it to make strategic shifts in focus dependent upon market conditions, in order to maximise investor returns.


Residential Development

Henley Space acquires residential and mixed use development sites in Central London, Greater London, the Homes Counties and larger metropolitan cities around the UK. Sites will be considered with or without planning permission. We are also happy to look at assets with change of use potential as well as Permitted Development Right opportunities.

We have access to a number of construction partners, whilst maintaining maximum flexibility to enable us to facilitate the best development solution for any given project.Minimum lot size of £10 million, with no upper limit.


Strategic Land

Henley Space is actively involved in strategic land and land assembly projects across Greater London, the South East and larger metropolitan cities and is prepared to undertake planning risk, subject to the necessary due diligence, on various types of brownfield site.


Our in-house planning team has a proven track record of achieving successful planning permissions on a number of residential and mixed use schemes.


Our wide range of skills and broad areas of coverage mean that we can also undertake large scale master-planning projects, including planning, infrastructure, site partnerships and execution. We are interested in re-generation locations and ‘place-making’ opportunities.


Alternative Assets

We have specific expertise in and are already established within the following markets:

Student Accommodation

Henley Space is actively involved in both the second hand and new build PBSA space, having been involved in the purchase of over 2,000 beds in the last 12 months. Working with operators including Mears and Homes For Students, Henley Space is rapidly establishing a substantial presence in the student accommodation market.

LARS (Local Authority Rented Sector)

Henley is at the forefront of delivering innovative housing solutions to the local authority sector, with over 1,000 units already under management.

Extra Care

Working with Henley Healthcare Investments, we are interested in C2 consented schemes in the extra care sector. This is a growing marketplace where demand currently outstrips supply and where a premium is attainable above normal residential values.

The extra care market in the UK is significantly behind countries such as the USA, and there is therefore a shortage of extra care units in most locations around the country. Our expertise in the healthcare space coupled with our residential development experience makes this a market which we are well placed to service.

Temporary & Emergency

Henley Space also works in close partnership with Henley’s Healthcare division, HHI, as its development partner in the Temporary and Emergency space, with over 800 units currently in the pipeline.

Private Rented Sector

We work with a wide selection of PRS funds with whom we venture on a project by project basis. We are interested in PRS development opportunities around the UK, with or without planning consent. We have the ability to provide a fully arbitraged process, providing funding, development expertise and forward purchase solutions.


Structured Deals

Henley Space is always interested in working with like-minded entrepreneurs and owners and is prepared to consider a range of deal structures to suit specific needs. Whether you are looking for a development partner, an equity partner or a long term strategic partner, we are happy to discuss all options. We will also consider structured deals on individual sites, dependent upon scale.


“We have been successfully working alongside Henley Space for a number of years. A combination of a strong design driven approach and commercial astuteness have allowed the projects we have been involved with them on to efficiently proceed and meet tight deadlines.”

Robert Brennan BSc (Hons) MRICSAssociate BTP Group

“We really enjoy working with Henley. Their passion for excellence and innovation encourages us to be bold and creative, and they then follow it through with real commitment.”

Des CurranMarchini Curran Associates

“Working with Henley has been a energising experience. They have a refreshingly honest approach to development and have a lot less managerial layers than other developers we worked with. As a result the design team has to be open-minded and versatile in responding with the benefit that everyone works together to produce a quality product for the best value.”

Neil DaviesNeil Davies Architects LLP

“We have a long standing relationship with Henley Space. We enjoy working with their team. They approach every project with intelligence and professionalism.”

Graham OliverPartner Gerald Eve LLP

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