Our True Passion

A unique and diverse team with a singular vision.

Henley Space specialise in all stages of the design and execution of residential development both by private commission or as development managers for specialist funds, financial institutions and private investors.

Design is central to every Henley Space project. Our team combines intelligence with practicality and the ability to deliver what we design, faultlessly.

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Emma Rickwood, Managing Director, Henley Space

Emma Rickwood

Managing Director

Emma Rickwood is the creative force behind Henley’s well established residential development business. Emma has been involved in property development and design for the last 15 years on both commercial and residential projects. Emma has been responsible for over 50 development sites in that time across the UK, USA, and Europe.
Stuart Blair is Residential Acquisitions and Disposals Director of Henley Space

Stuart Blair

Residential Acquisitions and Disposals Director

Originally training as a lawyer, Stuart Blair joined Henley in 2013, bringing fifteen years’ experience in the residential property sector. Stuart has worked across a diverse range of residential markets, from regional mid-range to Prime Central London developments. He is currently Henley’s Residential Acquisitions and Disposals Director, with an active involvement in Henley’s extension into the purpose built student accommodation, PRS and extra care sectors.

Stuart holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Brunel University.

Michael Chappell is Development Director of Henley Space

Michael Chappell

Development Director

Michael joined Henley Space as Development Director in August 2015 bringing vast experience in the construction and development industry from both sides of the fence. Previous Technical Director roles in large blue chip consultancy firms such as FTSE250 listed WS Atkins and the US Fortune 500 Jacobs Engineering saw him overseeing large capital projects in the Nuclear, Education, Prison and Residential Sectors.

Following an ex-pat role master planning urban regeneration schemes in Kazakhstan, Michael returned to the UK for a Development Management role within a boutique residential developer in Prime Central London. Before joining Henley Space Michael was a Director at Ikon Consultancy, part of the FTSE 250 Countrywide Group. Michael is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and a Member of the Association for Project Management.

“People think that design is styling. Design is not style. It’s not about giving shape to the shell and not giving a damn about the guts. Good design is a renaissance attitude that combines technology, cognitive science, human need, and beauty to produce something that the world didn’t know it was missing.”

Paola Antonelli

Part of the Henley Group

Henley is a Private Equity Real Estate firm operating across a broad platform, deploying both institutional and private investor capital. Henley’s investment strategy covers its traditional opportunistic strategy with a new secure income, core fund.

As the market cycle ages our primary interest today is in business deals, niches and sectors that can demonstrate at least one attribute in the form of Arbitrage, Distress or Dislocation. This way we rely less on the economic winds for performance but instead on the specific deal situation and we can therefore juice returns if the economy remains positive whilst reduce downside risk if the economy hits the buffers.

Our new closed end Secure Income fund is for large pension fund investors looking for long term dividends that grow at least in line with inflation. The fund will benefit from our market wide perspective and access to suitable deal flow and has a 25 year life.

Our first investment principle as a Private Equity Real Estate firm is to always try and ensure we preserve the capital invested. The second principle is to fully explore the multitude of options available to maximise returns. As a result our approach has generated exceptional returns for our investors since we founded in 2006 with an average IRR of over 30% as at summer 2017. Whilst activity has concentrated in the UK, we have recently expanded to other geographies, starting with Holland and Germany. During 2016 Henley launched in the USA and now have offices in Boston, Southern California and Florida.

The majority of our investments are executed on a deal-by-deal basis providing our investors with concise and relevant information once an opportunity has been secured. This highlights the deal attributes, a clear business plan and the target for investor returns. Investors then contact us if they require further information and are interested in participation. Henley creates a Fund SPV for the investment and carries out all of the financing and asset management providing a full service approach for investors. Henley will invest its own capital along with third party limited partners into each of its deals.

Another unique aspect of Henley is that we have built a platform from which entrepreneurs can grow their businesses into much larger successful enterprises. Henley provides a fertile environment for smart entrepreneurs to prosper from capital, access to networks and synergies with other Henley businesses. If you are a smart real estate entrepreneur looking to grow into a large business please contact us to learn how Henley can make that happen.